May 15, 2013


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    The Berkeley Wellness Alerts e-mail program provides up-to-date, practical health and wellness advice from the UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, BERKELEY WELLNESS LETTER and the School of Public Health in an easy-to-read format, free of charge.

    The editors of the WELLNESS LETTER and faculty of the UC Berkeley School of Public Health have set up this interactive program to help reach a broad network of readers via free wellness alerts and special reports in six different topic areas: healthy eating, dietary supplements, healthy heart, men’s health, women’s health, and lifelong wellness.

    The Berkeley Wellness Alerts program relies on the expertise of the School of Public Health and other researchers at UC Berkeley, as well as other top scientists from around the world. It translates this leading-edge research into practical advice for daily living—at home, at work, while exercising, and in the market, drugstore, and health-food store.

    Our highly acclaimed monthly print newsletter, the WELLNESS LETTER, has been the leading wellness resource since 1984. Rather than simply reporting quick health stories of the day, the Berkeley Wellness Alerts, like the WELLNESS LETTER, put the news in perspective and evaluate it. We constantly review the latest research, and clarify the often conflicting and superficial health information presented by the popular media. We don't promote faddish diets or try to sell supplements. Nor do we simply repeat conventional medical advice from mainstream health organizations or pharmaceutical companies.

    About UC Berkeley and the School of Public Health
    Behind the Wellness Alerts stands one of the most respected educational institutions in the world. For over a century, the University of California, Berkeley has built an extraordinary record of achievement. Its faculty has produced 20 Nobel laureates, 5 Pulitzer Prize winners, 128
 appointees to the National Academy of Sciences, and 30 winners of the National Medal of Science.

    For more than 60 years, the School of Public Health at UC Berkeley has helped promote and protect the health of Americans. It is one of the nation's leading research and teaching institutions in this field. Its internationally renowned faculty includes physicians, educators, psychologists, nutrition experts, epidemiologists, and public health professionals. Among its areas of research are: the control of cancer, the relationship between diet and disease prevention, occupational health, the link between social support and good health, and environmental health.